Perfect structure and customer service!

Perfect structure and customer service!

– Here’s a backyard story we’d like to share from Northern California.
My husband and I purchased the 13 x 11 Wood Room with Louvered Roof through Costco. The structure is exactly what we wanted for our backyard.

It took us about 20 hours, though I have to say we were very methodical and meticulous throughout the project. We wanted every step to be completed as instructed, in order to avoid problems during the later steps.

My recommendations are:

1) Follow the instructions and watch the videos. The videos were helpful in visualizing the written instructions.

2) When taking inventory of the parts, place the parts and hardware in ziploc bags, and mark each bag with the page number when the parts and hardware are needed. This saved us a lot of time.

3) Purchase clear silicone caulking and use a caulking gun to seal. Recent rain allowed us to test for water and our structure was waterproof.

We mounted Coolaroo Simple Lift roller shades on the gussets. The 96 inch shade fits the long beam side, and the 72 inch fits the short beam side. We also purchased tie down kits from the same company.

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