Perfect choice for our deck!

-Here’s a backyard story we’d like to share from Atlanta, GA

Since our county would not allow us to build a gable, we went shopping for a pergola with style and a roof that would open/close and keep light rain out. Our HOA would not allow aluminum structures so it had to be wood. Then we found the 10 x 20 Meridian Wood Room with Louvered Roof. First let me say the engineering is exceptional. Every detail is well thought out perfectly and as long as you follow the instructions exactly as written, it’s a smooth install process with Iittle details like brace set screws to hold them in place to drive the lag bolts make for an easier assembly. Second, the quality is outstanding. The materials are rugged and perfect down to every last screw. There was even extra hardware included! Lastly, the Cedar is simply beautiful. My neighbors are jealous and I am sure a couple of them will get one. Lastly I did order this through Home Depot and originally only received 4 of 6 boxes. Yardistry located the missing 2 boxes and drop shipped them to my home. Mistakes happen, it’s what companies do to make it right, and Yardistry did just that. I like products and companies that do what the say they can do and stand behind their products. The 10 x 20 Meridian Wood Room with Louvered Roof and Yardistry exceeded my expectations. Buy with confidence.

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