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Yardistry’s Assembly services are provided by
Out Of The Box Installation & Repairs

Currently available in the Continental US only.


Questions and answers about assembly services.

Q: How long from the time a customer places the order until the Installer contact them?
A: Within 48 Business Hours. They will also receive an email and a text with contact updates.

Q: What is included in the assembly? If a customer orders this online (curbside pickup) will the installers move it to the assembly location?
A: Yes, we will move the product. But depending on where we are moving it it may incur additional costs.

Q: Will the installers dispose of packaging, or will that be up to the customer?
A: We will not be responsible for packaging removal. We will place it anywhere on the customer’s property that they request.

Q: What happens if the customer asks for anchoring?
A: We can anchor the unit for an additional fee.

Q: Will the customer be required to perform any ground preparation before assembly? Ie. level the area?
A: Yes, The area must be prepared and ready per the manufacturer’s specifications prior to the installer assembling the unit.

Q: Is there any warranty from the actual assembly company?
A: 30-day warranty on workmanship.

Q: Can a customer purchase install from Yardistry if they bought the gazebo from another retailer? Ie. Costco / HD
A: Yes absolutely.

Q: Do installers work on weekends?
A: In some areas yes. But it’s not a guarantee that weekends are available.

Q: Are there situations where there could be additional costs? Ie. Customer reschedules?
This one we can discuss but, I would say if the customer does not have the area ready and our techs cannot perform the service that would result in an additional fee.

There are also certain types of surfaces that we may want to exclude such as stamped concrete patios. Trash removal, Anchoring, and accessories would also involve additional charges. We can also provide pricing insight for your accessories

Additional Services

  • Moving the product to the area of choice if it’s over 50 ft from the assembly area. $50.00-$75.00
  • Anchoring of the unit. $99.00-$149.00
  • Removal of the old unit. $199-$299.
  • Debris/Box/skid removal. $75.00
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