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Questions and answers about assembly services.

Q. How and when will I receive communication about my assembly?
A: You can expect to receive communication from the assembly company within 48 hours after receiving your order. This communication will be sent through email and SMS.

Q. For additional services, who do I pay?
A: You will pay the assembly company directly.

Q. What is the typical waiting time from when Yardistry receives the order until the assembly team arrives on-site?
A: Normally, the service is scheduled within two weeks. However, during peak seasons, the waiting time may extend to three weeks.

Q. Can I cancel/reschedule an assembly appointment?
A: The assembly company requires 72 hours for a cancellation or to reschedule an appointment.

Q. What is the procedure in case the assembler causes damage to my property or the product?
A: If your property is damaged by the assembler, you should contact the assembler directly via email with details of your claim, along with photos and/or videos of the suspected damage. The assembly company will review and resolve directly with you.

Q. If I ordered my product online (curbside delivery) will the assembler move it to the assembly location?
A: Yes, the assembler will move it to the assembly location, however depending where the item is being moved to, additional charges may occur.

Q. Is the Assembly Team responsible for disposing of packaging, or is that my responsibility?
A: The responsibility for packaging removal lies with the customer. However, the assembly team will accommodate the customer’s request to place the packaging on their property. If you would like to have the packaging removed there is a Debris/Box/Skid removal service available for $75.00

Q. Will I be required to prepare the ground before assembly, such as leveling the area?
A: You must ensure that the area is prepared and meets the manufacturer’s instructions before the scheduled assembly appointment.

Q. Is there any warranty provided with the assembly service?
A: The assembly company offers a 30-day warranty on workmanship for the assembly service.

Q. Can I purchase assembly services from Yardistry even if I bought the product from another retailer?
A: Yes, assembly services can be purchased for select Costco products at the top of this page

Q. Are assembly appointments available on weekends?
A: Yes, weekend assembly appointments are available in some areas, but availability is not guaranteed.

Q. Are there any circumstances that may result in additional costs to the customer?
A: If the customer does not have the area ready for the assembly team and the assembly can not be performed, this will result in an additional cost to the customer.

Additional Services

  • Moving the product to the area of choice if it’s over 50 ft from the assembly area. $50.00-$75.00
  • Anchoring of the unit. $99.00-$149.00
  • Removal of the old unit. $199-$299.
  • Debris/Box/skid removal. $75.00
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