Why Yardistry?

We combine architectural interest, value, and straightforward assembly into all of our products. And we only use premium materials, like 100% cedar, to ensure everything meets our strict quality and safety standards. Yardistry offers multifunctional Gazebos, Pavilions, Pergolas, Greenhouses and Louvered Rooms to create the ideal outdoor setting.

The Yardistry Difference

What sets Yardistry apart is our commitment to innovation and quality. We specialize in ready-to-assemble outdoor products that bring function and style to your space. All Yardistry products are built with premium, kiln-dried cedar. They’ll look great and stand strong through the years.

Rust-Proof Aluminum Roof

While other Gazebo manufacturers use steel roofs that will rust over time, Yardistry uses only aluminum-roofed structures. Aluminum is a stiffer material than steel for added structural integrity. At the same time, it is lighter weight which helps with the assembly process. Our premium color selections are designed to blend with new or existing furniture while standing out as a stunning centerpiece in your outdoor living space.

Under a Yardistry Roof

The amount of lumber under a Yardistry roof is unmatched. We use heavier and larger corner rafters, have more roof rafters and straps, with the addition of rafter ties to resist the outward thrust of the roof rafters when the roof is under load. Yardistry does not use undersized components to construct the roof.

Heavy Duty Gussets & Roof Beams

Gussets are a key component to adding strength to an overall structure. The roof beam is also stronger when the span between the gussets is reduced. Yardistry uses thicker and longer gussets then our competitors. We also use double roof beams that are much larger, thicker and wider than a standard outdoor RTA (ready-to-assemble) structure. All beams 14 feet or longer have a steel insert added between the roof beams for added strength.

Thick Posts with Premium Base

Thicker wood is used when constructing a Yardistry post. Our construction technique utilizes a larger corner joint interlock in addition to being glued which creates a stronger, safer bond. Heavier post mount brackets and metal fasteners increase strength and stability of the overall structure.

Wind & Snow Load Testing

Yardistry has conducted wind tunnel testing with wind gusts exceeding 65 MPH. Yardistry also uses 300% more fasteners to hold the roofing in place. The strength of the roof will determine how well the Gazebo will perform in the winter with snow loading or during high winds.


Yardistry designs products with do-it-yourself assembly in mind. Our illustrated guide walks you through step-by-step installation and our helpful hints videos make your installation process easier as well. The perfect DIY project!

Our Story

For nearly 20 years, Yardistry has been a leader in designing and manufacturing premium outdoor products. It started with a DIY gazebo kit and has since evolved into a full suite of shelters extending your outdoor living space. Yardistry provides creative and beautiful solutions to bring your backyard dreams to life. Over the years, we continue to improve on what were already superior products. We take such pride in our outdoor shelters that we offer a 5-year warranty on all of the lumber we use.

Innovative Products. Creative Solutions.

Outdoor structures should add to the beauty of your home. Shelter from the elements is important and we’re pushing that to the next level. We’re always seeking new solutions to combine with architectural advancements so we can continue to innovate. As your dreams and needs evolve, so does Yardistry.

Return on Investment

Buying a Gazebo, Pavilion, Pergola, Greenhouse or Louvered Room isn’t an expense. It’s an investment in your home. By extending the living space outdoors, you create another functional room. And that will benefit you should you choose to sell. Having a high-quality Yardistry structure adds to your home’s value, allowing you to see a return on the investment.

Quality Products

Our products are top-of-the-line. 100% premium cedar, aluminum roofs, and hardware all make a difference.

Customer Support

We’re always happy to help! Our team of experts is available 7 days a week during peak season. Call, email or chat whenever you need help.


We stand by our products. You’re covered for 1 year on workmanship and defects. And all Yardistry lumber has a 5-year warranty against rot and decay.

Free Shipping

Curbside delivery is included with the purchase of any Gazebo, Pavilion, Pergola, Greenhouse or Louvered Room.

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