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Key Features

  • Graphite gray-colored heavy-gauge aluminum roof
  • 9” x 9” posts with classic plinths
  • Metal truss assembly that creates a beautiful, open-air and modern entertaining space
  • Extra-wide gussets and large 5 1/2” x 9” beams
  • Decorative metal beam accents
  • 4 metal beam inserts increases overall roof strength
  • Premium gable design with 48” heavy duty center post
  • Finished in our beautiful timber gray stain color
  • SKU: YM12904

About This 16 x 14 Timber Frame Pavilion

The 16 x 14 Timber Frame Pavilion stands as a solid example of outdoor architectural design, merging functionality with aesthetic beauty to enhance any backyard space. This pavilion, with its robust features and premium materials, offers homeowners a luxurious, versatile, and durable outdoor structure that is also elegant.

Here, we will take a look at the key aspects and benefits of incorporating a Timber Frame Pavilion into your outdoor living area.

Sophisticated design and robust construction

At the heart of the pavilion’s design is the heavy-gauge, graphite gray-colored aluminum roof, which not only adds a modern aesthetic flair but also provides unmatched protection from the elements. This durable roofing ensures that whether rain or shine, your outdoor gatherings can continue without a hitch. 

The structure’s foundation is supported by extra-sturdy, 9” x 9” posts adorned with classic plinths, enhancing the pavilion’s visual appeal while offering unparalleled stability and structural integrity.

Open-air entertainment space

The inclusion of a metal truss assembly further elevates the pavilion’s design, creating an open-air and modern entertaining space that is both inviting and functional. This feature, along with extra-wide gussets and large 5 1/2” x 9” beams, ensures the pavilion’s resilience against various environmental conditions. Decorative metal beam accents and four metal beam inserts significantly increase the overall roof strength, showcasing a perfect blend of form and function.

Beautiful finish

Aesthetically, the pavilion is finished in a beautiful timber gray stain color, which not only complements a wide range of outdoor décor styles but also highlights the natural beauty of the FSC Certified Cedar wood used in its construction. This certification guarantees that all wood comes from responsibly managed forests, adhering to the highest environmental and social standards, making this pavilion an eco-friendly choice for conscious homeowners.

Versatility and functionality

These outdoor pavilions are designed to be a multipurpose outdoor structure. Its spacious dimensions make it an ideal setting for a variety of activities, from dining al fresco with a complete potluck or barbecue spread to creating a serene outdoor living room furnished with sofas and chairs. This versatility ensures the pavilion can cater to different occasions, whether hosting large gatherings of family and friends or enjoying quiet, intimate moments in the comfort of your backyard.

DIY-friendly with enhanced durability

Understanding the homeowner’s desire for hands-on involvement in their outdoor projects, this pavilion has been designed with DIY components in mind. Like wood greenhouses, these timber frame pavilions come with simple-to-follow illustrated instructions and a helpful hints video, making the installation process straightforward and manageable. This approach not only provides homeowners with a sense of accomplishment but also ensures the pavilion can be assembled correctly, securing its structural integrity and longevity.

The pavilion’s design emphasizes durability, with features engineered to withstand extreme weather conditions. The heavy-duty center post, combined with the robust beams and gussets, ensures the structure’s resilience, offering peace of mind that your investment will stand the test of time.

Enhancing your outdoor living space

Incorporating the 16 x 14 Timber Frame Pavilion into your outdoor living space adds an elegant structure and creates a destination within your home where great memories can be made. Its elegant design, coupled with functional versatility and environmental sustainability, makes it an invaluable addition to any backyard. 

Whether you’re looking to entertain guests in style or seek a tranquil retreat in the comfort of your outdoor space, this pavilion promises to meet your needs with sophistication and durability. This 16 x 14 Timber Frame Pavilion represents the pinnacle of outdoor living structures, offering a harmonious blend of aesthetic appeal, functional versatility, and environmental responsibility transforming any backyard into a haven of comfort and style.


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  • Roof Dimensions: 16’ L x 14’ 1 1/2” W x 11’ 6” H
  • Base Dimensions (outside to outside of posts): 14’ 1/2” L x 13’ 8 1/2” W
  • Base Dimensions (inside to inside of posts): 12’ 6 1/2” L x 12’ 2 1/2” W

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Assembly Information

  • The product comes as a ready-to-assemble kit with all pre-cut, pre-drilled, and pre-stained wood and includes all hardware and metal components.
  • Simple step-by-step illustrated instructions are included to ensure ease of assembly.
  • Dedicated Customer Experience Team to help with any assembly questions

Packaging / Curbside Delivery

The 16 x 14 Timber Frame Pavilion will come in 7 boxes;

  • Box 1: 103 1/2″ L x 44 1/2″ W x 5″ H = 255 LBS
  • Box 2: 103 1/2″ L x 22 1/4″ W x 9 1/2″ H = 187 LBS
  • Box 3: 103 1/2″ L x 22 1/4″ W x 9 1/2″ H = 187 LBS
  • Box 4: 103 1/2″ L x 21 1/8″ W x 7 1/2″ H = 172 LBS
  • Box 5: 103 1/2″ L x 23 1/8″ W x 7 1/2″ H = 228 LBS
  • Box 6: 103 1/2″ L x 21 1/8″ W x 6 1/2″ H = 162 LBS
  • Box 7: 103 1/2″ L x 23 1/8″ W x 6 1/2″ H = 147 LBS


The Yardistry Warranty

Yardistry warrants that this product is free from defect in material and workmanship for a period of one (1) year from the original date of purchase. In addition, for any product with lumber, all lumber is warranted for five (5) years against rot and decay. This warranty applies to the original owner and registrant and is non-transferable. Please contact our Customer Experience Team directly if you have questions about the product, warranty, or need replacement parts.

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