Beautiful Arbor – Worth The Price!πŸ’²

Beautiful Arbor - Worth The Price!πŸ’²

This is a beautiful arbor! The delivery was fast and smooth with no damage to the box. The arbor is not quite as heavy as one would expect with cedar but, it definitely takes two people to move the box.

Color and description are very accurate. The stain seems to be a matte finish. I’m not sure if it has a sealant coat. You couple probably put a clear coat of sealant on if you wanted to preserve the color. We do recommend anchoring it down either with supplied anchors or your own method. We had a heavy wind day while building our garden and our tipped over before we had a chance to anchor it. Luckily it did not get damaged.

Instructions to put it together were easy to follow and took my husband about two hours to complete. He is a home builder so he did add a few extra support screws and said he predrilled all the holes again for ease of install and to avoid cracking any material. I’m not sure if that was necessary, just a step added.

Overall, very happy with our purchase and worth the price.

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