I have to tip my hat 🎩 to Yardistry for this kit

I have to tip my hat 🎩 to Yardistry for this kit

– Here’s another backyard story we’d like to share from Austin, Texas.

Anyone thinking of getting a gazebo should REALLY consider this.

The quality is top notch and assembly is easy…although it took a LONG time and some parts are very heavy. The instructions call for four men so I decided me and my nephew (both of us with extensive construction backgrounds) could do it.

The morning I decided to build it, just my luck, he was going out of town. In my infinite wisdom I decided “challenge accepted”! This is NOT recommended as it makes it take WAY longer (and probably not safe). Because of the incredible engineering and easy to follow instructions I almost was able to complete it by myself. I had it all the way to placing the third roof panel when the wind picked up a little and the openings to get the panels out was now considerably smaller, so to prevent damaging the panels, I called for help. It took a total of about 20 hours to complete. With two people it would have taken way less time.

I have to tip my hat 🎩 to Yardistry for this kit. There are THOUSANDS of parts and every single pre-drilled hole and pre-cut board lined up exactly. Nothing had to be altered! The finished product is BEAUTIFUL! The post tops are solid, so I pre-drilled them for electrical. This needs to be done prior to putting the roof panels up. I installed rotary switches on top one of the posts to run the lights and fan. I did have to make the box for that – they don’t make them….especially in a waterproof box! I used a 48′ 24 bulb string of cafe lights with Edison bulbs. This is the EXACT length to run the joists all the way around with perfect spacing.

Before I found this I was looking at some aluminum gazebos from the box stores….thank God I found this one. 2 days after I finished we had a major windstorm.

The weather site posted pictures of storm related damage and the second picture was one of the gazebos I was looking at and it was completely destroyed. It had no effect on mine!

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