Greenhouse Oasis

– Here’s a backyard story from Connecticut

My wonderful husband built this Yardistry 6.7 x 9.7 Meridian Greenhouse oasis for me. You will notice it not only serves as a starting point for my plants, but it is also my personal retreat and fits in beautifully with my garden beds. I thoroughly enjoy decorating it with special finds from yard sales and antique shops. Decided not to use the bottom shelves inside the greenhouse, but to repurpose the wood to build a bench to display my collection of watering cans. Very pleased with the quality of the product. The assembly can be completed by one person until it is time to assemble the walls and roof. The pieces are well marked and fit together well. This Yardistry 6.7 x 9.7 Meridian Greenhouse is a great addition to our backyard!!

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