Bought The Basic But Upgraded

– Here’s a backyard story from Greenville, South Carolina.

I bought this 12 x 14 Wood Gazebo several years ago. Maybe in 2019. We gradually upgraded several things. Added insulation and stained bead-board ceiling. Added a plug in ceiling fan. Yardistry didn’t have the walls yet so I built them myself and added a storage cabinet topped with granite. Glad to see walls are an option now! Wrapped the posts with faux stone. This is an option now too! Stained the whole thing with tobacco colored stain. This year I notice the roof was sun faded and screws were starting to rust. Replaced all the screws and painted the roof red. Love it! Carpenter bees love wood so I have a couple hanging things to deter them. I’ve got to say thus is the Best investment we ever made. Great summer hangout and really holds up over time and weather.


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