Beauty, Strength, and Useability

– Here’s a backyard story from North America

I looked at a lot of kits before deciding on Yardistry and the 11 x 13 Carolina Pavilion. What convinced me was the reviews I read on the site, particularly the positive reviews from purchasers who had owned their Yardistry structure for 5 or more years and were still very happy with it. I was very happy with the packaging – everything came securely packaged in three boxes weighing ~200 lbs each, palletized together. Nothing was damaged and everything was clearly labeled, from the wood to the hardware to the roof panels. The instructions were the best I’ve ever encountered – clear, readable, with effective illustrations. Assembly was straightforward and the helpful hints videos online were also well done. The final product exceeded my expectations – it’s solid, beautiful, and the mesh kit helps to keep the bugs out. Couldn’t be happier with the purchase.

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