Keeps the hot sun ☀️ off in Arizona!

Keeps the hot sun ☀️ off in Arizona!

– Here’s a backyard story from sunny Arizona 🌵.
We have doubled our outdoor entertaining area in Arizona with this beautiful structure. Yardistry hit it out of the park ⚾ with the Louvered Room!

We really purchased this structure to increase the shade level in the back patio area near the pool and it certainly does the trick. We love it!

Our HOA and city have very specific rules and regulations about where we can place a pergola or gazebo structure in the back garden and the Louvered Room fit perfectly. Best yet, because the height of the structure is significantly lower than a “pointy roofed gazebo”, the city did not require us to pay extra fees nor did we have to have an inspector come out. This saved us money and made the process a lot easier.

This shows you a closeup of the louvered roof. It’s our fav feature. If it’s raining, the majority of the water runs along the edges and drains out the back. If there is torrential rain it might leak a bit. This is fine – we are more concerned about sun.

We live in Arizona and while it does rain, we were not as concerned about rain and more concerned about how to cool down our back patio when it gets extra hot outside. The Louvered Room really works well for this. It is also quite attractive and really looks great around our pool area.

If it is overly sunny we can sit beneath the pergola to visit while people are swimming. Very convenient.

One great benefit of the Louvered Room is that it enables you to open and close the louvers so if you want more sunshine you can have it, but if you want more sun protection you just keep the louvers closed.

Love the grilling space beneath the structure – we could easily place a table there when guests come over. So pretty in our Arizona garden.

When you receive the boxes of cedar lumbar and aluminum parts, it looks daunting, but the step-by-step instructions were very helpful. Although you can assemble it yourself, I highly recommend you find someone who is used to assembling things like this to assist as installation will go a lot more quickly. Laying out all the parts and organizing it all first made it a lot easier.

There is so much room beneath the structure, that we use half the space for seating, one area for grilling, and the other area for yoga. Very spacious!

In some of the reviews people complain because “it leaks”. The unit actually has a gutter system around the roof and down spouts on two of the back posts. It DOES provide protection from an average rain with no problem whatsoever. However, if you have gale force winds or a super heavy rain, some of the rain might come through the louvers, particularly if you do not have them closed tightly. We 100% did not consider this an issue of concern. WE LOVE THE LOUVERED ROOM and would get it again without hesitation as the protection it affords is fantastic on our back patio!

Love the view from one seating area over to the other seating area beneath the pergola. It gives us so much more shade protection in the hot season and looks beautiful with all the pots around!

Best outdoor shade we have on the property and it truly added a lot of beauty to our back garden. Thanks Yardistry! WE LOVE IT!

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