Great Gazebo, well worth the price

Great Gazebo, well worth the price

– Here’s a backyard story from Belleville, IL.
Absolutely love my gazebo. Purchased the 12 x 20 Gazebo late last year and this is the first summer we have used.

This gazebo is very well engineered and extremely well crafted. Anyone purchasing this and assembling should first go out and purchased around 40 small plastic containers with lids for all the hardware.

We did and labeled each one and grouped them, this made it easy to find what we needed each time.

Also, we used four 6ft fold tables to assemble the various pieces and lined the boards on. We sorted all of the boards out in numerical order (boards had numbers stamped on end of the board) It seemed like there was thousands of pieces of everything.

Would have been very helpful if a video for this gazebo was available. However, we reviewed the video for the smaller gazebo (several times) and adjusted for mine.

We installed two small outdoor fans and lights. Also purchased the Yardistry 12′ Gazebo Bar Counter, which is very nice and useful. Added to outside fans to top and lights.

This project was very time consuming but fun and well worth it for the outcome.
Also, Yardistry people were great to work with when I had questions.

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