We replaced our old fire-pit with a Gazebo

We replaced our old fire-pit with a Gazebo

So, we wanted to replace our old fire-pit with a Gazebo.

I first purchased one from a different (cheaper) manufacturer mainly due to the fact that Gazebos were out of stock everywhere.

Well, that one was delivered with 2 busted posts which looked like someone drove forklifts through. After returning that one, I found the Yardistry Carolina Pavilion from Solar Town and purchased it. Wow, am I glad I returned the first one and got the Yardistry.

It was delivered, nice and tidy, on a shrink wrapped pallet.
It is VERY well made and sturdy. The instructions are very well scripted and the HELPFUL HINTS video was… well, very helpful.


Take the time and make SURE everything in square.

If I had to pick one “gripe” it would be that a couple of boards came a little warped and made it a little challenging to square the roof panels, but we got it.

My wife and I put this together with a total on 19 hours. Mainly after I came home from work and a friend came over to assist with the roof installation.

In all, we are VERY happy with the Yardistry Carolina Pavilion!

Cheers to a good product, Yardistry !

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