Superb product excellent engineering Great value

Superb product excellent engineering Great value

– Here’s a backyard story from South Carolina.

For quite a while we had been looking at building a large (12 x 30) covered structure for entertaining in our backyard.

These types of structures exist in kits / DIY from several vendors but in all cases the price of these quite prohibitive ($10,000 +)

One day we were shopping at Costco and saw the exposed (12 x 14 Gazebo) and I was quite impressed by the quality and engineering of your model.

When we saw the price we could barely believe our eyes. We immediately purchased 2 units and within a couple days returned to purchase a 3rd one…

A couple months later we found ourselves staring in amazement at our beautiful new pavilion. We put the 3 units side by side to get a 14 x 36 structure. Since then we have been the talk of the neighbourhood… And since then, encouraged by our experience, several of our friends have followed suit and build pavilion on their own…

Your product is of great quality, the large posts and the architecture looks great! The cedar wood is fabulous!

The well thought engineering makes the assembly process quite easy! (it only took me 1 day to assemble the 3rd one).

The hollow posts make it so convenient to run completely hidden electrical outlets and switches and stereo components.
Well done! Bravo! Thank you.

*Disclaimer, modifying the original design may void the warranty.

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