Solid Construction. Lasting Quality

Solid Construction. Lasting Quality

– Here is a backyard story from Dayton, Ohio.
This is our third summer enjoying our Yardistry 12 x 14 gazebo. We purchased it on sale from Costco for an amazing price!

It is the centrepiece of our backyard paradise. When we have people over they are impressed by the quality, and how sturdy it is. Even in the most violent wind storms this gazebo doesn’t budge. Since I over engineer everything, cool ornamental lighting was a must.

I also bought some good cedar, had the paint store color the match the stain and made a mount for a ceiling fan. The Hunter ceiling fan looks great and adds a nice cooling breeze on a hot summer evening.

The most relaxing thing is sitting on our deck with a coffee (or wine) and listening to the staccato of light rain hitting the metal roof. Does life get any better? I submit that it does not!

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