Perfect Cover for our new spa ♨️

Perfect Cover for our new spa ♨️

– Here’s a backyard story from Plaquemine, Louisiana.

As someone who loves to work with his hands, my first inclination was to attempt construction of my own cover, but after running across the Yardistry products online the thought process changed.

With the recent price of lumber spiking in the US, this was a great value given the fact it is pre-cut, comes with all hardware, and made of cedar.

Our only issue was delivery, because our shipper wouldn’t come down our dead end street with a tractor trailer (no turn around) we had to pick up the 600 lbs. of 3 boxes ourselves.

After getting the Carolina Pavilion home we unboxed everything and laid it out per the instructions and it made picking pieces for assembly much easier. Instructions were fairly clear and the helpful hints videos on the website were helpful. It took us a couple of days to assemble, and I only needed extra assistance when it came time to hoist the prebuilt roof panels into position. Definitely pay attention to hole patterns when assembling, as I had to remove and replace one perimeter beam due to installing upside down.

Thanks to Yardistry for a great product and I hope it lasts us a long time to come.

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