It’s built to last us forever! ♾️

It’s built to last us forever!

I’m a woodworker and I couldn’t have made this any better myself. The solid wood is beautiful. I know this will last a lifetime because of the quality material.

It is very well designed and structurally sound (Solid as a tank). There was no way we could have built a patio cover on our deck. This stand-alone Pavillion was the perfect solution for us. The floor mount brackets allow us to securely attach it to our deck. We were also able to customize it to fit our style.

We left the upper structure in its original natural finish and painted only the lower portion. The solid wood made it easy to attach cabana style curtains.

The directions are excellent as long as you take the time to read them. I’m one of those that doesn’t always read instructions. 😄

In this case, I followed them and it made the installation spot on. I had no troubles setting this up. It’s our favorite spot to relax under.
Thank you Yardistry!!! From California!

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