It adds so much character to our backyard, love it

It adds so much character to our backyard, love it

– Here’s a backyard story from Quebec City, Canada
This is a really nice piece, (11 x 13 Meridian Gazebo) I’m totally satisfied. 5 Stars for sure.
There’s some minor flaws but for a kit pre-cut/drilled I’m impressed that just those little things.

Everything is well labeled, pre-drilled holes were spot on, fairly easy to install and it adds so much character.
The kit comes in 3 boxes and all the pieces and screws are well labeled. Till you keep your things well sorted, you can’t go wrong and mix things. Keep all the screws in their bag.

2 wood pieces were a little bent, but I’m surprised, for the number of wood pieces that only two were bent. Only one give me some difficulties to screw it right (Roof rafter) I was alone so it was difficult to hold and screw at the same time. But everything finished at the good pace. It’s wood after all, and it can bend. But it’s a thousand time better than small metal post.

I was alone with the assemble the kit and it took me approximately 10-11 hours including 45 minutes in the middle(after 5h) with 2 others to get the frame up and at the end to put the roof on top (1h30)

I used clamps to get everything aligned, especially the roof pieces. Take your time and everything will go as planned. Make the extra step to be sure everything is flush as it can be and it will save you problem later.

Finally it’s a great kit, I’m so glad I purchased it.
If you look for a sturdy gazebo with a natural look, go for it, it’s really a beautiful piece for your backyard.

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