Having 2 Side by Side is Excellent πŸ›₯️

Having 2 Side by Side is Excellent

– Here’s a backyard story from Riverside, California

Looking for a carport in our side yard for my Ranger boat πŸ›₯️ as well as a pavilion area we could use for parties.

Everything I looked at was either ugly or too expensive. I am almost 60. It was not always a good idea but I was able to put everything up by myself except for the roof which took three guys.

HINTS!! – When you unpack it grab a pile of Ziplock bags and a sharpie pen. There are a zillion Nuts bolts and screws. Write the Size and part on the Ziplock bag. Way easier to find when you need them. No glasses needed. – On the wide flat boards there is a part number stamped on the end. Again, take the sharpie and write the number Big and bold over the stamp. It will Not show anywhere when complete. Then stack the wood in numerical order. The parts most often fit in that order. I installed a gutter between the two units. Double check each aluminum part before installing that the plastic venere has been peeled off. I had to do some moving of the units to make them fit against the house. A hydraulic jack and a long 2 x 4 easily lifted one side at a time up to slide small furniture dollies Under each post.

PS – The quality control appeared excellent to me. You have to realize that wood is dang beautiful but imperfect. And you don’t have to be perfect for this thing to go together. Cedar is soft wood So don’t screw things awfully tight.




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