Fantastic addition to the pool area

Fantastic addition to the pool area

– Here’s another backyard story we’d like to share.

I assembled and installed this 12′ X 14′ Gazebo in an area on our pool deck where there was no shade and it’s fantastic! It was relatively easy to assemble. All the hardware and driver bits were included, nothing was missing.

There are several well planned sub-assemblies to create this structure and each sub-assembly takes a little bit of time, but they are not difficult. Once you put all the sub-assemblies together you have a completed structure.I did all the sub-assemblies of the posts and beams and roof sections together on my own in a couple days time.

When it was time I did have to get the help of three others to install the roof assemblies. Once completed, this is a nice heavy structure, it creates plenty of shade and looks great. One of the guys helping install the roof sections said he’s going to get one for his backyard too.

The only downfall is, as with any pre-made structures is, there was some bowed wood that had to be dealt with.

A tip when working with bowed wood is to put the bows out and pull them in where needed. It’s much easier to pull wood into place than push. Also, I used ratchet straps to pull the beams into alignment at the centers and that worked great.

Over all we are pleased with the look and quality of this Gazebo. It really gives our pool deck a paradise looking effect. Thank you, Costco and Yardistry for a great product.

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