Check Out More Of These Inspiring Outdoor TV 📺 Setups

Check Out More Of These Inspiring Outdoor TV 📺 Setups

Have you ever wanted to bring your movie night outside? I think we can all agree with an energetic “Yes” to that answer. Are you a sports lover? I gotta say baseball is really quite enjoyable to watch outside wouldn’t you agree? Why not combine the love of our favorite TV shows, movies, or sports outside? This is where a Yardistry Gazebo fits right in.

Let’s check out a few inspiring outdoor TV setups some of our customers have created in their backyards.

1. Starting off with a bang is a custom stone wall frame.

2. Or have an outdoor fireplace in addition to the TV.

3. A DIY projector movie night. (Pizza not included)

4. Speaking of projectors, here’s a more permanent addition.

5. Check out this perfect sports bar and TV with fan for those hot evenings.

6. You can always add a sun screen to block out any unwanted glare.

7. How about a private bar all to yourself.

8. Or an elegant fold-away TV cabinet.

9. The stone look is really quite impressive.

10. Why not have 2 gazebos, one with a TV and one without? 

11. And last but not least, a simple yet practical TV experience.

We hope you liked all of these, and if you want to see more. You can find more outdoor TV examples here.

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*Disclaimer, modifying the original design may void the warranty.

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