Loving My Pergolas! All 4 Seasons Long

Loving My Pergolas! All 4 Seasons Long

– Here is a backyard story from Pasco Washington.

I bought my pergolas a few years ago and they don’t cease to amaze me.

Year over year, they added outdoor living space to our back patio that we enjoy during spring, summer, fall and even winter.

(I left the canvas on one winter and is as good as new, snow accumulated but no damage cause) during spring we get winds up to 20-25mph + and the canvas stays put, snapped on to the sides with provided hardware.

The design is elegant and very sturdy and stable.

I do like the no water leak if raining. Price-wise is excellent compare to custom made pergolas from some local builders.

It is the envy of my neighbourhood. I am always getting compliments, I simply love the way they look!

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