I am so pleased with your 12 x 16 Gazebo

I am so pleased with your 12 x 16 Gazebo

– Here’s another backyard story we’d like to share.
I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with your 12 x 16 Gazebo. All the pieces were cut to an exact size, the holes were in the right place, and the gazebo is very strong and beautiful to look at. My wife and I couldn’t be happier. Thanks for making such a fine product.

I will pass on a few comments about constructing the gazebo. I bought it after the first of the year and started putting all the pieces together.
I got the posts and beams up and fastened to the deck. Then I put all the roof panels together. About that time the covid 19 pandemic hit and I didn’t want anyone over to the house to help and to spoil our quarantine.

I looked at the panels for a few weeks and finally started to think about how I could put them up by myself.

With a little help from a temporary beam and a temporary support post, l got all four of the roof panels up and finished the project.

I’m 70 years old so it was something of a challenge, but one person can do the job of five people if you have to.

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