Fabulous Greenhouse

– Here’s a backyard story we’d like to share from Mooresville, North Carolina.

I had been looking for a Greenhouse for awhile and was struggling to find a good quality one for a price I could afford!

I needed one that could withstand heavy rain and wind as I am in the south and it can get a bit crazy. But most ones that I found were way out of my price range until my husband found this one at Costco while shopping this summer!

With the help of a few friends we were able to get it put together in one day! I did add a fan mounted above the door with a misting system, ran power and water to inside. So for summer it is perfect! Winter, I am working on getting heaters and bubble wrap to insulate it and use it as a year round greenhouse!

Customer service was amazing and quick to respond about a couple small things that were damaged! I have gotten a ton of compliments from my plant community and I highly recommend this for anyone needing a small, cute, well built greenhouse!

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