Beautiful, we love it and certainly worth it it

– Here’s a backyard story from California.

Very well packaged & very sturdy. Good instructions.

I chose to stain ‘fully’ every piece before putting it together for some added water protection which made for a ton of work but definitely well worth it.

I’m used to putting things together on my own but this needs tools the average person probably doesn’t have.

My brother with his tools & knowledge helped put it together with reinforcements…

Stronger hinges & securing the boxes to the screens, and some more.

We put the the screens together prior to putting them on top of the boxes because we added heavy duty locking wheels.

In the boxes I added 1/3 full medium rocks at the bottom to weight it because of wind while making sure it wasn’t too heavy in the boxes in spite of the fact the boxes are very sturdy and then filled the rest with red bark.

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