Awesome Product

Awesome Product

– Here’s a backyard story from Southern California.
I purchased this Gazebo from Costco after the Pandemic hit to improve and increase my usable space in my backyard.

It gets pretty warm in the summer here (100 plus) so shade is important. We also have a large messy shade tree over the area that umbrellas couldn’t effectively keep up with. The 12’x14′ gazebo resolved all the issues.

It is surprisingly tall so it gets plenty of airflow and importantly, it doesn’t obstruct any views.

The finish looks like it came with the gazebo. Recommend reading reviews and installation tips and videos as there are plenty of handy tips for the assembly. Having three tables for assembly of the roof panels is a must to elevate the work area so you’re not working on the ground. I already had one table and borrowed 2 more. Lost one part during assembly and called customer service and they were extremely helpful and shipped me a new one immediately.

I am extremely happy with the product and the Yardistry company.

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