A Great Bargain

A Great Bargain!

– Here’s a backyard story we’d like to share from Mentor, Ohio.
We bought this as the only affordable option for the size gazebo we wanted for our patio without creating my own design.

I’m a realist and know it would have taken me all summer to build my own design as opposed to this gazebo which took about a week. I read most every review and we decided to purchase it. Building it was not a problem, it did take 4 grown men to install the roof panels however. Couldn’t be more impressed with the design and structural strength it has. 
I added a picture which shows about 8 inches of a wet snow on top of it.
I live in Northeast Ohio so we see measurable snow every year so I am encouraged by what I saw after the first snow fall. I encourage you to add gutters. These do not come with the gazebo. Great product Yardistry, no wonder you were on back order at the beginning of the year.

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