2 Gazebos for 2 Decks

2 Gazebos for 2 Decks

– Here’s a backyard story we’d like to share from Prescott, WI

I built the 10 x 10 gazebo on the larger deck on our house, and was so pleased with it that I built the 8 x 8 gazebo on the smaller deck.

This provided shade that was missing after we had to cut down trees behind the house.

Materials are of very high quality and the appearance is first rate.

I highly recommend Yardistry gazebos for backyard projects!

One caveat, however – these are not trivial to build so a good set of tools and DYI experience working with wood is highly recommended

– Beware of comments that these were put up in a few hours, especially if you have not built one before and are working on your own to assemble the roof panels.

Also, the larger sizes require either a team of people, or some creativity to get the frame and roof panels in place (my son and I were able to do it, with help from a bracing pole).

But I guarantee that you will be very happy with the final result. They add functionality and value to your home.

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