This might be my very favorite upgrade we have done at the Lake Lure Cedar House!

This might be my very favorite upgrade we have done at the Lake Lure Cedar House!

-Here’s another backyard story we’d like to share from @lakelurecedarhouse Lake Lure, North Carolina

I say this every time, butttt this might be my very favorite upgrade we have done at the Cedar House! In the words of Uncle Ron, “we need a new family hobby, but dang, this is a nice bar.”

We started building the boathouse bar in October of last year. With an awesome @yardistry kit, three of us knocked out the pavilion in a long weekend. I would not recommend this mad dash. It definitely required working after dark to finish, but we made it out alive 😂

Once spring hit, we tackled the meat of the project over several long weekends. Weekend 1 = rough framing. Weekend 2= rough electrical and cement board. Weekend 3= countertop prep/pour. Weekend 4 -> Quarantine bar marathon.

When coronavirus lockdown hit, we proactively worked with our spring renters to cancel and reschedule their trips.

Once the calendar was clear, we upgraded our quarantine views to the lake and we slowly knocked out the tasks one by one. There was sanding, sanding, and more sanding of the concrete counters.

We followed that up with sealing and several coats of wax to get the perfect, slick, drink-slinging surface.

We lit that thing up like the Fourth of July (pun intended): up down lights on the posts to match the house, spot lights to highlight the roof, and spot lights on the bar surface.

Blue tooth receiver with some awesome @klipsch outdoor speakers allowed us to pump some jams while we worked. We put up a river rock tile backsplash to tie in the natural mountain vibe.

Finallyyyyy, we finished the space with two coats of a grey-brown stain and cracked open a beverage to admire our work.

On Memorial Day weekend, we welcomed a few of our close family members who have helped with the boathouse project.

We laughed. We ate pizza. We drank beers. We slid drinks down the bar. We hung our sweet custom neon sign (thanks @jenmillersayshi). IT. WAS. SO. FUN.

So, to our future guest, cheers! We hope you love this little boathouse bar! 🍻

PS… swipe through to see the whole project in 60 seconds flat.

Man, I wish the work actually went that fast! 😅

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