Rock Solid, Beautiful, & High Quality + Great Customer Service πŸ’¬

Rock Solid, Beautiful, & High Quality + Great Customer Service

We’ve been wanting one of these for a few years and couldn’t be more pleased with this pavilion. It is well designed and makes quite the impression in our backyard.

Sadly, when I got started, I fully expected to be missing some parts and/or have slots or holes that didn’t line up. To my joy, that never happened! Every piece was accounted for and everything lined up as it should. Additionally, the hardware was excellent… Not the junk-metal screws I’m used to receiving in kits.

I did have one hiccup… there was one wooden brace that had a knot in an unfortunate location that popped out while screwing the piece in place. I did a “chat”Β πŸ’¬ with customer service, who directed me to theΒ parts replacement page. I followed the link, filled out the request and clicked a button.

WITHIN 20 MINUTES, I received 4 emails updating me on my request, the last one telling me that my request was granted and my new part would be sent via FedEx to be received within a few days! Very impressed, all around.

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