Just finished the final touches

Just finished the final touches

– Here’s a backyard Story from Macomb, Michigan.

Just finished the final touches on the 12 x 16 cedar gazebo purchased from Costco.

We added a rolling solar shade since we get the afternoon sun and it is perfect! This gazebo looks so grand on our patio and we have received numerous compliments from neighbours already.

For the building portion. I read a review on here to put all screws in ziplock bags from the start and that was extremely helpful, I would recommend that advice to everyone.

It took my husband about a week to put it all together and that was by working on it for an hour or two after work every day and a little more time on the weekend. We lined up 5 men to help with the roof. It could be done with 3 men but definitely nice to have the extra hands for stability. We anchored it in to our stamped concrete because we get very high winds in our neighbourhood. My husband said the directions were very easy to follow and he didn’t find it overly complicated. Every step had a rhyme and reason.

Overall we are completely satisfied with this gazebo and so thrilled we purchased it. Can’t wait to hang some lights and add some decor!

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