Exceptional Product, a Welcome Addition to our Home!

Exceptional Product, a Welcome Addition to our Home!

– Here’s another backyard story we’d like to share.
We were utterly impressed with the Yardistry 12 x 14 Gazebo. Our plan was originally to build our own pavilion next to the pool, custom designed and constructed by myself, but once I got down to the nitty gritty we found it was going to be exponentially easier and less than half the cost to purchase a pre-fabricated kit.

We took the design a bit further and dressed it up with some electric features and stonework around the columns to make the design “ours”. I also designed and built a custom cabinet to mount inside of the pavilion to house a flat screen television to help lure the kids out of the house. We’ve had our pavilion now for coming up on a year and it’s held up great through the winter.

We live in NY state and see our share of cold and snow. I was concerned what the temperature cycling and ice/snow would do to the unit, but it appears to have weathered the winter looking the same as it did last summer. The wood was high quality, no warping, generally knot free. Assembly instructions were easy to follow, and everything fit together great.

As other’s have mentioned, construction is a multiple person job. I did pretty much all of the assembly of the components together myself, however when it came time to put the pieces and the roof up you definitely need 4 people.

We actually had 5 including myself to get the roof on. Don’t try to kid yourself, you will need 4 people to safely lift and assemble the roof onto the support beams. They aren’t overly heavy, but they are high in the air.

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