10 Reasons Why You Need a Mosquito Mesh For Your Gazebo!

10 Reasons Why You Need a Mosquito Mesh For Your Gazebo!
  1. Let’s state the obvious, because they actually keep those pesky mosquitos out.
  2. Other Bugs.
    It keeps out not only Mosquitoes, but black flies, bees, wasps and other unwanted flying friends!
  3. Extra Shade.
    The mesh can provide an extra layer of sun protection.
  4. Keeps the rain out.
    It can also help with keeping some of the rain out. Also if rain is larger problem for you, have a look at what one of customers built,
    “Custom Rain Gutters”.
  5. More Privacy.
    The Mosquito Mesh can provide some extra privacy from close neighbours.
  6. No Birds either.
    Don’t forget that birds can also be uninvited guests that might leave you a present on your beautiful outdoor furniture.
  7. Less Wind.
    Sometimes wind doesn’t co-operate and it can be a little too much. The mesh cuts back on some of that unwanted strong breeze.
  8. Less Dust and debris.
    Since the mesh will cut down on the wind, it will also cut back on extra dust and debris, keeping your space tidy.
  9. Bye Bye Racoons and other Nighttime critters.
    If you leave the mesh zipped up all night the chance of a groundhog, raccoon or skunk making your Gazebo their new home is greatly diminished.
  10. No kids allowed!
    Finally hard working parents can have a new outdoor space for themselves. The mesh can act as a shield from nerf gun bullets, soccer balls, frisbees and the worst of them all water guns!  (Even if its just for a short time!)

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